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I'm not grumpy all the time, just enough for people to think I am. I'm an almost frum, liberal, conservadox Jew who davens with Chabad. I love movies, music, chinese food, and working out. I'm training for a marathon and trying to quit smoking at the same time. Oh yeah, and on most days, I really hate my job.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First post, Intro, and today's training!

Hello world! Thanks for reading this blog. I'll try not to depress you to much.

So, I'm 28, newly observant, I smoke a pack a day, and I'm training for a marathon.
I learned a valuable lesson today about training. However far you run away from your house, that's how far you have to run back. What was supposed to be a quick 5k, turned into a 10k because I forgot that one thing. Oh yeah, and I smoked a cigarette while I was warming up. So, that last few miles really, really hurt. I know, that was dumb. Really dumb. Really really dumb.
But, the upshot is, I don't have to worry about making either of those mistakes again.

I'm kind of worried about training tomorrow. Tomorrow is a swimming day (1.5k in the water) and I'm also weighing in for the second time. Sunday I was at 215 on the dot. I want to be at 195 for the marathon, but I don't want to lose that 20 lbs. to quickly. So, I'm all worried that I'll either lose to much weight or I wont have lost a pound. I think I'll just go eat a few boiled eggs and a waffle. Breakfast for dinner always makes me feel better.


SuperRaizy said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

GrumpyJew said...

Thank you! I hope you keep reading and comment often.