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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Challa, Holy Days, and The Persuit of Curvalicious Women

So, I met a girl a while back who is really cool. She's an assistant manager at a store I frequent. I knew she was Jewish, and I always kind of admired her from afar. Well, a few weeks ago she approaches me and starts asking about Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur. I tell her about Chabad and where we are located and all that good stuff, and she said she was interested in coming out with her parents. Being the resourceful guy that I am, I capitalize on a good opportunity and ask her if she wants to attend kabbalat shabbat and kiddush with me that Friday night.

I wound up exchanging numbers with her and getting some impressive lines in at the same time. I'm thinking my days of being single are OVER!!!! Yay for Shmuley right????


Friday comes along and I text her from work. "We still on 4 2nite?" (yes I do text like a 14 year old girl)
She replies, I can't I'm having girlfriend problems.

Yep, turns out while I was thinking I was getting a date with a hella cute girl, she was seeing great "friend" potential in me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I could not care less about someones sexuality. I've known to many people of alternative sexual orientations to be judgemental. But, this is just classic Shmuley luck. I meet an awesome chick, who is super fine. She has tattoos to match mine. Nerdy as all hell (big turn on for me). And did I mention that she was really really cute? All that, and she's into chicks.

I knew we had a little to much in common.

I'll be friends and stuff with her. I'll even be friends with the girlfriend if she's as cool as my crush. In fact, we might all be hanging out this weekend on Motzi Shabbos. Maybe this is for the best though. I mean, odds are that we would break up later anyway and not ever hang out or get along again. I keep friends for way longer than girlfriends.

I guess it's back to JDate, but that's another post for another day........

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